25. Nov, 2017

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My Book Small Beginnings, is selling well. For your copy go to Book purchase page or click on:

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Koorong Christian Books (The NEW image is not yet up on their site) They still have copies of the old cover. The new cover book has one or two corrections like a scripture or a word out of place that is all. 



In New Zealand The book can be ordered through Manna Books; web@manna.co.nz


This is the new cover for my book Small Beginnings. Local shops still have the previous edition with a different cover but this new edition is now available internationally online in paperback and ebook will be online shortly. Please tell your friends about it.

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Christian Writers Magazine Featured Book; Small Beginnings By Dennis McLeod Reviewed by Julia Martin

Born in Wellington in 1943 and raised in the Waikato, Dennis could have used his loveless, disad-vantaged childhood as an excuse for an unfulfilled life; but instead he overcame his feelings of rejection and went on to become a soldier, mechanic, athlete, teacher, family man, pastor and missionary to several countries, including Israel and America. 

All through the failures and challenges of his early life, Dennis was aware that God’s hand was on him and was drawing him to Himself. Once he and his wife surrendered their lives to God, an exciting adventure of faith began. 

 As Dennis recounts the events of his life’s journey, he makes observations and comments on a wide range of subjects such as parenthood and Christian living, drawn from the hindsight of wisdom and experience he’s gained along the way. 

 This well-written autobiography makes compelling reading, as it’s a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness in the provision and protection of His children. 

 In conclusion Dennis writes: ‘I pray my story will inspire people to know that no matter where you come from or what your background, God does have a hope and a plan and a future for you.’ 

 First Edition Published by Balboa Press 2015 

 Second Edition Published by Wild Side Publishing 2017 (paperback & ebook)



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Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim - Shalu shalom Yerushalayim
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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
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