Pray for America

America, a friend of Israel is under attack, from the President down. The evil one was on the edge of bringing Israel down but things changed and the world is unhappy. Pray for peace to reign.


Prayer for America

I bring this prayer once more to the top of the list. Many things are happening and the people of this Land need to know who is in charge. After Israel this is the only country in the world that was claimed for the Lord. I truly believe the Lord has not finished with this land yet, hense the prayer. This prayer can all so be adopted for any land so feel free to do so.
The photo is of George Washington's seat in the Church at ground zero.
American Wall of Prayer
> Oh Heavenly Father we have sinned against you in Thoughts, Word and
> Deed We have sinned in our Homes, Work and Play We have destroyed the
> innocent.
> We have gone against Your Word in Marriage We ask that you forgive us
> as we repent as You did the Thief upon the Cross We have sinned
> against You only Lord Psalm 51:1-5 Forgive us as we have disobedient
> to You Father.
> 1 John 1:9
> Forgive us our trespasses.
> Heal our hearts
> Heal our homes
> Heal our Land
> As the cry went out from Philadelphia by those who have gone before us
> May the name of Jesus never be forgotten.
> Never, never in Philadelphia.
> Never in our Cities of this Land.
> Never in America
> “Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart..
> With fasting and weeping and mourning…”
> . Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and compassionate…
> Who knows? He may turn and relent and leave behind a blessing… Gather
> the people, consecrate the assembly… Let them say, “Spare your people,
> Lord… Do not make your inheritance an object of scorn… a byword among
> the nations… Why should they say among the peoples… ‘Where is their
> God? ’ ”
> Joel 2:12-17

Something for America to do yet.

The Lord is moving in America, many of our friends in that fine land are praying hard for the revival to come and we stand with them. God is greater than any dicisions made by the leaders of the Land. Remember, they can take the Lord Jesus out of the schools and the government but they can never remove Him from the hearts of the people. Stand firm America, the Lord has a task for you yet.