The 1930’s were a time of anti-Semitism throughout Europe. The world stood by as the Jewish people perished and many in the Church did nothing. As the people died the forces of evil caused the doors of the Church to shut to the cries of the people, as fear took over from the Word of God. What has changed as we go deeper into the 21st century? Anti-Semitism is once more on the rise within the Church. The truth of God’s Word is being questioned as many are asking that age-old question, what is truth?

God’s Word is being questioned, torn apart and abused more than at anytime in history. The sad thing is, it is not only coming from all quarters of society but also from the Church. Satan has the Church by the throat and we are waving the white flag of surrender. The Bible has been removed from society at a time when it has never been required more as we face the end times and we in the Church have stood by and let it happen. The Church is questioning its viability in the 21st century and changing its task to suit society rather than change society to come in line with the Word of God. God’s Word cannot be changed, it is the truth that many spend a lifetime searching for. As the coming of the Lord draws ever closer it is not the time to question the Word of God but to embrace it.

If God says it will happen who are we to question Him?  He said that Israel would once more flourish and the Jewish people would once again sit in their parks, old people and children alike, enjoying life. [Zechariah 8:4] This does not make them perfect and any less in need of their Messiah, however when you travel through the Land of Israel you can see the truth of God’s Word being revealed before the world. If the truth of God’s Word is not true for Israel then it is not true for us and we forever lost.

During WWII many in the Church stood with the enemies of God, helping war criminals escape to South America instead of facing up to their crimes and an earthly punishment which may have brought them to repentance. Instead they put them in a position where their punishment would be much worse with no chance of forgive-ness as they face the Great Judge and eternal punishment. Today the Church is doing the same, the state of Israel is being condemned for every move they make, while those who attack it trying to wipe it from the face of the earth are being hailed as doing God’s work. The question is, which god?

God’s Word is the truth that has changed countless lives down through time. We are in a time not to question the Word but instead act on it and stand by it as the Disciples did when they saw the risen Lord. The truth that we all search for gave them the strength to face up to those who would destroy them for their faith in the Word.

God gave His Son to show His love for the people, it is time for the people to return that love by accepting His Word as it is written. Let us remember there are two commandments Yeshua spoke of - the first was love God and all that it entails, the second was to love our neighbour. Yeshua was asked the question “Who is our neighbour?” This is a question stilled asked today. Time does not change God, His promises or His plans for all the people on the earth, starting with Israel and the Jewish people.

However, to just mention the name of Israel in many Church circles, causes people to turn away. This is a country declared by God, declared as a nation, confirmed by the Balfour Declaration 1917, by the San Remo agreement 1922 and finally by the United Nations in 1947. It is a country with a modern history older than many of its neighbours who are trying to destroy it as a non-nation. It is a country that is actually 3000 years old. We need to stand with the purposes of God, not fight against them because if we do we are fighting a losing battle. The Church seems to have forgotten the declaration of the Arab nations at a meeting in Khartoum in 1967. Israel held out the hand of peace and the reply came back from the meeting - NO peace with Israel! NO recognition of Israel! NO negotiations with Israel! These infamous three ‘no’s’ were enforced then and are still being repeated today.

Churches all over the world are crying out for the people to stop trading with the people of the so-called West Bank of Jordan. But to do so is to destroy the very lives they say they are trying to help, the Arab people. Most of the employees of the industries making many of these products are the local Arabs, earning over 10 times more than they would working for Arabs.

Many of the Churches do not really care about the locals of this area. We have just been to Israel and part of that visit was a visit to Bethlehem. We spent several hours there spending in shops and eating in their restaurants. The unemployment of Bethlehem is 12% compared with Hebron which is only 2%. The economy of Hebron is based on industry which is supported by the Israel government.

But the economy of Bethlehem is based on tourism. However the Christian tourists pouring into Bethlehem go to the Church of the Nativity and then leave without going to the general shops, as we saw during our visit. The very Arab people who need our dollar are being ignored by many people in the Church who say  ‘Israel is the problem’ when they are the helpers of these people.

We went to Beersheva and in the area to the west of that city over 130 rockets were fired at Israel in 4 days and the Church says nothing. In the words of a Pastor in Bethlehem, one Jew gets killed and one Arab gets killed and it is world news, but the news as to what is happening to them on the ground is never reported.

Today we hear more about Jingle Bells than we hear about “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”. (Psalm 119:105) We see red Santa hats as common head wear being worn in the Church but where are the Crowns of Glory? Where is the praising of the God of Israel? We have mixed the things of the world with the Word of God. History shows when the people of God follow the world the things of God grow strangely dim.  It should be the other way around. How can we possible say we love God if we do not love our neighbour, no matter who they are or where they live?  Israel is the wife of God,  [Isaiah 54:4] if we fight against the Word of God and try to remove Israel from God’s plan, are we not trying to divorce God from His wife?  We know what God thinks of divorce. [Malachi 2:16] What God has joined let no man put asunder. [Mark 10:9]

Israel is here to stay; of course they are not perfect but neither are we. Israel and the Jewish people need to embrace the God of Israel - but so do the Arab people. The Church in many areas is turning back to the 1930’s and siding with those who would see Israel destroyed.  If that ever did happen where would that put our salvation? It would change the truth of God’s Word and we could never be sure of our salvation. Let us stand firm on the Word and remember God is not a man that He should lie nor son of man that He should change His mind. [Numbers 23:19]

 The 1930’s and all anti-Semitism - in any form - in the Church should be confined to history, with our focus on praying for that day to come soon when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess Jesus as Lord. [Philippians 2:9-11]