The Feast of First Fruits.

In the Hebrew language to say on the third day, is to mean the day after tomorrow, so He rose on the third day, the day of first fruits. 1 Corinthians 15:4.

On the first day of the week after the Shabbat of Passover week  is the  Feast of First Fruits,  the day of celebrating and of presenting the first of the barley harvest to the Lord God. On the first day of the week the disciples went to the tomb and found it empty.  He was not there; He had risen from the dead. 

Yeshua was the first fruits from the dead. 1 Corinthians 15:20.  When Mary went to touch Him He said “do not touch Me as I have not yet gone to the Father” John 20:17.  He was still to present the first fruits to God.

If we look at Genesis 1. We will see that the first fruits were created on the third day.  It is as if our redemption was put in place from the beginning of time.  There is an interesting study to be made on things that happened in the Word of God  on the third day,  e.g.  it was on the third day after the Israelites arrived at Mt Sinai that Moses went up the mountain to speak with God.

The prophetic picture the Lord God has presented to us through the Passover is so clear people may wonder why this has not been seen before now.  Over the centuries the Hebraic background of the Bible has been hidden from the people.  The first ‘Believers in the Messiah’ were Jewish people and the problem was not where do the Jews fit in to all this, but where do the Gentiles fit in to God’s plan.  Romans Chapters Nine, Ten and Eleven.  In the beginning there were two types of believer, Hebraic thinkers, those who mainly - but not entirely - lived in the land of Israel and Hellenistic thinkers, mostly Gentiles, who had taken on the thought patterns of the ancient Greeks. There was much harmony between them and the Hebraic thinkers tried to accommodate the Hellenistic thinkers. Romans 15, but as mentioned earlier, as the Gentile Hellenistic thinkers took control of the Church, the Hebraic roots of the Bible were lost.

In researching the early Church it is found there were many reasons, some major and some minor, for the split away from the Jewish roots.  However there is always a perfect timing with the Lord and in these end times people are being awakened to their Hebraic roots.  More and more Gentiles in this country and around the world are coming to understand Romans 11, how we are grafted in to the Olive (Hebraic) Tree, not separate but part of the overall plan and we become one in Yeshua. Ephesians 2:14-15

With the Passover complete, the sacrifice that gives us our release from sin, we can reflect on this and it’s meaning.

Step one completed, our salvation was given.