29. Jul, 2016

Is there hate in our hearts or love?

There is an evil washing over the world today. It is not a new evil it has been around for thousands of years. The problem is it is once more coming to the surface. This evil takes no prisoners and has no rational basis to justify its existence. It jumps from country to country like some viral infection that there seems to be no cure for. Most of us would like to think we would treat anybody we meet with respect, plus we would like to be treated the same in return would we not?

And yet there is one group of people, if I contact a church and tell them I would like speak about them, on many occasions the door has been shut in my face. This surprises me, as it is the very people Jesus spoke of and that of course are His brothers, [Matthew 25:40] the Jewish people. If you mention you want to and do support these people, one must be ready for the verbal reply you may receive. The reaction you could receive is literally out of this world. Anti-Semitism has been around for many years and it doesn’t look like it is going away any time soon.

Probably the first all out attack on the Jewish people happened some two and a half thousand years ago, in the time of Queen Esther. A man by the name of Haman, who was a man set on getting rid of all the Jewish people in Babylon. [Esther 9:24] These are the very people that have been chased, robbed and killed throughout history ever since, simply because they have a special title, the apple of God’s eye. [Zechariah 2:8]

Then we had Antiochus Epiphany, who tried a different approach to rid the world of the Jewish people. He tried to prevent the first arrival of the Messiah. He rid the Temple in Jerusalem of all things Jewish. He also prevented the Jewish people obeying the word of God under pain of death. These were the very people that God had deemed would welcome the Messiah in Jerusalem, which they did when He - Yeshua rode into Jerusalem a week before His death. [Luke 19:38]

Over the centuries, the Jewish people have been subject to such horrific crimes that also can't be explained in the natural. All of which we hoped would have ended when the Holocaust was behind us. But sadly this has not been so and anti Semitism continues to flow across the world today. In fact if we had been watching the news media we would see that it is probably worse today than it was say twenty years ago, with the same anti-Jewish movements from the thirties and forties, Nazi Germany with their destruction and boycotting of Jewish people and their businesses re-occurring today. For Christians to hate the Jewish people, as many are displaying in their lands today with the call for the destruction of the Jewish state, is to hate God Himself. Yeshua clearly said speaking to the Jewish people, “If they hate you, remember they hated me first.” [John 15:18]

Is not what we see and feel, going on in the world today a shaking of the earth? [Hebrew 12:26] Is it not foretold in the scriptures there would be turmoil in the world before the Lord’s return? [Matthew 24:6] The question has to be asked, is our love for the Lord being tested as to whether we demonstrate God’s love for each other and especially towards God’s people? God’s love is a love that knows no bounds and yet the world is once more turning its back on that very love that died on the cross for the sins of the world. [Romans 5:6] The opposite of love is not hate it is a life without love, as Ammon displayed to his sister. [Proverbs 15:17] Just as darkness, which people are now choosing to live in, is not the opposite of light. It is a choice to live without the light, the perfect light that will light up the world to come. [Revelation 21:21-24]

When we are hated for no reason, which most people experience at least once in their lives, it hurts. I wonder how God feels when He looks to and throw upon the earth and sees the hatred so strong for his people, the very brothers of Yeshua Himself. If we get angry and upset I wonder how God feels when hatred rules the lives of the people who are created in His likeness. [Genesis 1:26] We were created to love not hate; we were created to reach out to people not close the door to them. The Son is returning for His bride [Revelation 19:7] and the way things are shaping up that may not be too far into the future. Yeshua never had an once of hatred in His body, this He proved to the world the day He allowed Himself to be nailed to the Cross. [John 10:18]

And yet, people are running around like in the days of Noah. [Luke 17:25-30] The Muslim world is running around in darkness. [Psalm 74:20] The eastern world continues to turn towards religions of stone and wood. [Judges 10:14] While the western world is shutting the door on the Lord and turning their backs on the very one who came to save the world. [2 Peter 3:3] The world seems to love the darkness ahead of the light, [John 3:19] the very light that leads to truth, the very truth Pilate asked of [John 18:38] which was revealed through the life death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Yeshua.

God gave us commands, the Israelites broke everyone of them moment they were given at Sinai [Exodus 32:19] and have been criticised for it ever since. But are we any different? We have been commanded, yes commanded to love our neighbour [Matthew 22:39] and I am sure that includes our partners in the word of God, the Jewish people. I believe we need to take the words of our Lord very seriously when He said those who turn away His brothers would be turned away from Him. [Matthew 25:45-46]

I heard a man say that good people would be turned away from heaven, as Yeshua had said,  “Get away from me you workers of iniquity”. [Luke 13:27] How can a person be good if they are purposely sinning? [Hebrew 10:26] We can kneel before the Lord as much as we like but if there is hatred in our hearts for anyone, no matter whom they are, unless we put it right, [Hebrews 11:27-28] is the Lord going to listen to our prayers? The first statement of Yeshua recorded in Mark 1:15 is, “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand”. If the Lord comes tomorrow and finds any darkness within us, [1 John 1:6] will He ask the question “What place has darkness in the light?” [Isaiah 50:10]  If we have the light of the Lord in our hearts, then surely all darkness must be gone. [Ephesians 5:8] So if there is darkness towards the very ones who ushered in the King of kings, do we have to repent before the awesome day of the Lord is upon us? [1 Thessalonians 5:2]

 In Him there is no darkness [1 John 1:5] and if we are made in His image surely to live in that image is also to live with no darkness within ourselves and love as He loves. He has commanded us to live as He lived while on earth, as we are to do on earth as is done in heaven. [Matthew 6:10] All we do, all we say, must be pleasing to the Lord. [Romans 14:8] For those in Yeshua, there is no condemnation, [Romans 8:1] to walk in the light is a way of life not just a statement. It is living for the Lord with every waking breath proclaiming He is Lord and is Lord of all even our Jewish brethren, as we are one in Yeshua. [Romans 11] To the Jew first [Romans 2:10] where our salvation comes from [John 4:22] something we must remember as we serve the King of the Jews. [John 19:19] Anti-Semitism has no place in the heart of a believer; there is no place for darkness if we have turned the light of the Lord on in our hearts. There is no place for hate when we have the love of the Lord and the mind of Messiah to guide us. [1 Corinthians 2:16]

The Lord is returning for his bride, the very bride who has been washed clean by the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, [Revelation 22:14] the very one who said, “if you love me then feed my sheep, my Jewish sheep”  


My flock is grazing on what you’ve been treading down with your feet and they’re drinking what you’ve been making muddy with your feet! “Therefore this is what the Lord GOD says to them: ‘Watch me! I’m going to judge between the fat sheep and the lean sheep, since you’ve been bumping aside all the weaker sheep with your backsides and shoulders, butting them with your horns until they’re scattered around outside. That’s how I’ll save my sheep so they won’t be plundered any longer. Ezekiel 34:19-22a.