28. Oct, 2016

What Light do we follow?

As the days grow longer in our part of the world I think of those words of God when He said: let there be light and there was light. [Genesis 1:3] Good words or great words? I say great as they have so much meaning for us today. Let there be light, the wisdom of our government has moved the clocks forward so there is more light for people after work. But this light will one day disappear [Mark 13:31] yet we place so much on this light. It gives light for the growth of the plants around us and it produces the food we eat. My brother is busy planting his garden to get those few crops it will produce. He has to till the soil and plant the seeds and once they are planted he has to watch over them to keep them safe from the nighttime bugs and keep the birds away from them during the day, a full time job. 

However there is another light that causes growth once the seed is planted. If someone comes up to us and tells us something we may say we believe what they have spoken or we disbelieve it. That is our choice but the thoughts remain, they linger for a time and we think on what we have been told, this is planting a seed within our minds. If I speak of Yeshua I don't believe anybody will just dismiss the thoughts created by my words even if they disagree with them. God said He would never destroy a flickering flame [Isaiah 42:3] in fact He will do the opposite. He casts His light upon it and causes it to grow if we will let it. [1 Corinthians 3:7]

A plant needs things to grow once placed in the soil. It requires light and it requires oxygen with out these it is going nowhere. [Isaiah 61:11] There are no plants on the side of a mountain where the oxygen is thin. We can say our walk with the Lord is similar. The seed is planted by a word [Luke 8:11] here or by the action of a person or event. Yeshua - the Light of the World [John 8:12] shines upon that seed wanting to see growth. But we have to allow the 'oxygen' to get to the seed by reading the Word of God where both the light and air flow. [Ezekiel 37:10] We know if we light a fire and then prevent the air getting to it, it will go out. So will the flame that the Lord has planted in our spirit if we don't allow Him to enter in and fan the flames of life the flame could go out and the Lord will weep as He did over Jerusalem because of their disobedience. [Luke 19:41] 

To obtain growth in the knowledge of God is not difficult all we have to do is take the Bible off the shelf, open its pages and start reading. Yes it is that simple because as we read the Word it will come alive [John 1:4] if we are willing to open our hearts and let His light shine in. [Ezekiel 36:26] The light of the sun can keep us warm while it's shining upon us but once night comes that warmth will soon disappear. With the Lord the light and warmth He generates in our lives never fades. [John 12:6] Trouble may come and we may feel we are surrounded by darkness and cold and in our minds this may be true. [2 Corinthians 4:4] But in reality the Lord’s light can never be switched off because it is we who can block it out by our actions. The opposite of light is not darkness it is the absence of light. We create the darkness by turning away from the Light of the world and shutting our hearts to Him. [John 3:19]

If we keep our hearts open to Him in the most trying of times that light will shine through the darkness created by our thinking that He is not there when He is. [Hebrews 13:5]  Yeshua came to earth to set us free from the pains we suffer, from the things that block our view of the Lord. [Luke 4:18] When we open our eyes and see His radiance [Psalm 90:17] it is like coming out of a very dark room and into the bright sunshine of the day. His face is brighter than the morning sun and brighter than the day is long. [Matthew 17:2] One day Yeshua will arrive in all His glory for His own and we will see Him in all His glory. [Revelation 1:6]

His love for mankind outshines the brightest day and never more displayed than the day on a hill in Jerusalem when they nailed Him to a cross. Yes we read that there was thunder and the day went dark at the hour of His death. [Luke 23:45] But we know that light was never put out it was gathering strength to shine even brighter when the stone was rolled away and Yeshua walked free from the grave.

The same power and majesty that created the heavens and the earth was the power that walked free from the grave and into the presence of the Father. People could not look upon His face and live, [Exodus 33:20] they could not stand in His presence when they came to arrest Him [John 18:6] and the grave could not hold Him. [Psalm 16:10]

This is the light and power that loves you and me; this is Majesty who will return on a white horse cleansing the world. [Revelation 19:11] This is the One who will come on the clouds in triumph. [Revelation 1:7] He is the one who will stand on the Mount of Olives when it splits in two and the living water will flow to the Dead Sea and create life. [Zechariah 14:4]

Yeshua, the One sent by God to bring the Word alive [John 1:14] to reveal all to the people of the world and to die in our place. [John 3:16] In the words of a well known Graham Kendrick song: Such love, pure as the whitest snow, Such love weeps for the shame I know, Such love paying the debt I owe O Jesus, such love. Yes this is Light a real light that brings only life, a light to light our path [Psalm 119:105] a light that will shine forever. [Revelation 21:22-25] It creates warmth and it creates life, life eternal for now and all time.  

            I will suggest the same words God spoke at the beginning, “Let there be light.” He spoke at Yeshua’s birth; “The light of the world has come” [John 12:46] and when Yeshua walked from the grave the Light came forth. One day that Light will descend in the clouds with a great trumpet sound and we will then feel the full force of His love as He gathers His elect from the four corners of the earth. [1 Thessalonians 4:16-18]

God is love [1 John 4:16] and Yeshua is the full example of that love that walked upon the earth. [John 20:26-28] The Holy Spirit places in our hearts the knowledge of that love. [John 14:26] It is this love that is reaching out and planting seeds, it is His light that creates growth in the lives of people and it is this love that bears the fruit within the lives of the followers of the Light of God, Yeshua. [John 1:9]


Is as the light of the morning when the sun rises, a morning without clouds,

When the tender grass springs out of the earth, through sunshine after rain.  “Truly is not my house so with God? For He has made an everlasting covenant with me, Ordered in all things, and secured; for all my salvation and all my desire, Will He not indeed make it grow? 2 Samuel 23:4-5