8. Dec, 2016

Enjoy the Power of God

Why are we so afraid of the power of God or of the things He can do? Why are we afraid to speak out on His behalf? The world is exploding around us, it is time to say “Let's bring the name of Yeshua back from the depths of a secular society and shout it from the rooftops”. [Matthew 10:33] Let the name of Yeshua be heard again in our schools, in our work places and in our government. Have we totally forgotten that in Him we not only have the victory but we have total victory? [Romans 8:37] When Yeshua returns there will be a great trumpet blast [Matthew 24:31] so why not start now and shout His name to the four winds? [Mark 13:27] After all it is only by this name can we be saved, [Acts 4:12] only by this name are we going to be able to enter into the Father’s house. [John 14:2]

People out there are turning their backs on the truth and if you mention the name of the Lord you get a lot of negative comments, to put it politely. So why are people so afraid of making a commitment to the one that can bring them out of the darkness and into the light, the light of the world? [John 8:12] The One that heals the One that can change lives from darkness to light. [Psalm 18:28]

When Yeshua spoke He spoke nothing but truth. [John 8:45] The result of Him speaking was people got very upset and some even tried to stone Him. [John 11:8] Have you ever spoken out about, for example, the new age acceptance that has been allowed through the church doors? [2 Timothy 4:3] You soon experience a little of what our Lord went through. Then you sit at the table, by mistake, of the leaders of a big church and you soon learn what lepers must have gone through when they were pushed out of society as unclean. [Luke 17:12] You want to open a home for men and the elected officials of the area, worried about votes, run for the hills when people complain. [2 Corinthians 8:20]

Is it any wonder people don't want to see what God can do when they are told they are all right where they are? When they see people in the church acting in the way they do? I sit with people who should know better and have to listen to language that should never be used by people who claim Yeshua as Lord. [James 3:10] Yet when we speak up about such things people even in the church remain silent. [Acts 18:9] If we want people to see how the Lord can change lives surely we have to try and live the lives that show they have been changed for the good. Yeshua died to give us a voice, not to keep us silent.

 God is powerful surely we should be living His power. [Psalm 68:28] God’s word is truth surely we should be living a life of truth. [3 John 1:3] God’s word is pure [Psalm 18:30] surely we should be trying to live pure lives, lives that reflect His powers, His truth and His purity. [1 John 3:9] Possible? Of course not, as we are human and there is no way we can match the Perfect One, Yeshua. [Hebrews 5:9] But should we try? Of course we should, we can do this because Yeshua is leading the way and if we trip He is there to pick us up like a father picks up a child as they fall when they take their first shaking steps. This is not about salvation but it is about living within the salvation Yeshua has given us on the cross. [Romans 5:18]

It is our lives that God uses to show His power, His wonder, it is our lives He uses to show others what He can do in the lives of people lost and hurting. [Titus 2:11] Because most of us have been there and He can use our brokenness and how His love healed us to show what He can do for others. Yeshua died for us, if we die with Him we are also raised with Him. [Romans 6:5] We can also rise as He did giving us a power never seen before, His Holy Spirit power. [Luke 24:49] He rose from death to life to show us we can rise from spiritual darkness and into the wonderful light, into a life we never thought possible. [John 1:4] We can now live a life of love and laughter, a life that shows the love of the Lord. Not by leaving people where they are but showing them what they can achieve if only they will surrender all to Him, [1 John 2:6] and give our lives over to His power and purity and love. From my own experience I can assure everyone there is nothing to be afraid of, neither now nor in the future. [1 Chronicles 28:20] God promised us everything, forgiveness, compassion, grace and peace, things we can have here and now. All by just surrendering to His power and to be still and know whom He is [Psalm 46:10] and watch and see what he can do in our lives. [Exodus 14:13]

 Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen. Jude 24-25