4. Jan, 2017

The Flag of Israel

Much has been said about the Star of David the symbol on the flag of Israel. I have been thinking on this for several days, ever since I received a paper, which was very critical of Israel’s flag. Over the years I have made many statements about this flag but one of the best I have read recently I think sums it all up. This person said: “Why are Christians so critical of anything Jewish?”

 In my experience this so true and we ourselves forget to look at the matter of Christian symbols. Without going into all the symbols we use at Easter and Christmas all of which have very pagan roots. Let us look briefly at the Cross. This is a symbol that was been around since long before Jesus was crucified. It dates back into Egyptian ancient history and beyond, but we say nothing about this and its pagan roots. Take the Celtic cross; which has a circle on it, this depicts the sun god.

 The Hebrew Scriptures state it was a stake they were crucified on. We have the “cross” from the mother of Constantine who happened to find the “cross” our Lord was crucified on and she found this when she visited Jerusalem some three hundred and fifty years after the Lord was killed. It is also said she found the sponge that Yeshua was offered and the pole the sponge was placed on. To find what Yeshua was crucified on was highly unlikely because as soon as Yeshua was taken down another would have taken His place. It is said there were no trees left in the area because of the number of crucifixions. After all, the Bible states ‘Cursed is he who is hung on a tree’. [Deuteronomy 21:23]  But now this “cross” a symbol of fertility life in ancient times and a thing of torture in Roman times has become a symbol of hope to the followers of Yeshua. Surely the same could apply to the Star of David. The star was a brand for death placed upon the people. Now it is a symbol of hope and victory, so why not allow them to display star on their flag?.

 There have been many things said about this star but in all things our final authority must be the Word of God. This morning at church I received something from the Lord, which I would like to share with you.

 In Revelation 22:16 the Lord talks about the Bright and Morning Star, and He is the Root and Off-Spring of David. There is a cross reference from this scripture to Numbers 24:17 which says that a star will come from the line of Jacob (and of course David) [Matthew 1:1-6].

 This star as we all know is Yeshua Himself, the light of the world [John 8:12] and the One who will light the world to come [Revelation 22:15], the light from the beginning of time that came into the world. [John 1:5] The Bright Shining Star that the Lord speaks of in Revelation must be the same star that led the men to a little manger in Bethlehem. The bright morning star of the Lord Himself led the people to the light of the world. The star in Numbers is the same one that is in Revelation 22:16. Therefore it stands to reason that the Bethlehem star is one and the same.  The star that is in Numbers 24 is the Star of David or as it is called today in Israel the Shield of David which now appears on the Flag of Israel.

 I suggest this is the star that is on the Flag of Israel, the bright morning star, the star of the Messiah. There was much debate over the design of the flag but I believe God directed them to choose this design. If the Lord is in control of the overall plan for Israel, then surely we must believe this design is of the Lord. I will never again look at the Flag of Israel and not think of the light that came into the world. The Star of the Messiah, the son of David [Matthew 1:1] is watching over that land, now and for always. What reinforced this to me are the two blue lines on the Flag. They come from the prayer shawl, which is based on the robes of the High Priest, the one who goes before the Lord for the people. [Exodus 28] The flag of Israel is not just a flag it is a flag that speaks of the Messiah, Yeshua, the One from the Root and Offspring of David, the Bright Morning Star. The one who is and was and is to come, the Alpha and the Omega who lives forever and ever. Amen [Revelation 1:17]

 Is it any wonder no one can touch the Apple of God’s eye?  [Psalm 17:8] Is it just a coincidence that there is a Star on the Flag of Israel? I don’t think so.