26. Jan, 2017

What's in a Name

Yeshua died for all mankind and the sooner we come to realise this the sooner we will understand that we are all made in the image of God. [[]] Yes all people with no exception and this is why the evil one has caused so much trouble between people, especially towards the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. Destroy Israel and you destroy the Word of God, destroy the Word of God and the salvation we all look forward to is removed forever, and that is a long time.

It is time to once more answer the question; “Let they without sin cast the first stone.” [John 8:7] Who among us has never sinned, disobeyed the Word of God or gone our own way? [Isaiah 56:3] No one for we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. [Romans 3:23] And yet we read a newspaper and without any proof accuse Israel of what is reported without any checking of the facts. Have we ever been wrongly accused of something? How did it feel? Terrible I’m sure.

So as Christians we need to check the facts. How do we do this you might ask? well all we have to do is go to the Word of God. “And my enemies roared [Psalm 22:16] and accused us wrongly” [Proverbs 12:17] and this still goes on today. A typical example is the number of TV Christian teachers and even Pastors speaking from the pulpit who call God’s land Palestine. When it is our time to preach we get out the Word and look for the scriptures on the subject the Lord has told us to speak on. We spend many hours of study to ensure we have it right and then go to the world for the name of Israel instead of the Word.

Why are we so eager to fall in line with the world and not the Word? [Psalm 119:74] Are we trying to be part of the world to be accepted? Are we so worried about our position in society that the word comes a distant second? [Romans 1:25] God’s word is truth [1 Thessalonians 2:13] and we must all come to that conclusion or we will run after other teachings. [James 4:11] The Land of Israel did have a Biblical name other than Israel and that was Canaan [Numbers 34:2] and then it became know as Israel. [1 Chronicles 21:1] Yes the Romans tried to rename it but that failed and the conquerors that followed had no name for it except the Holy Land or just The Land. It was the British that renamed it Palestine [Joel 3:4 King James Bible only] and by a simple checking of history Christians can easily see that this name never applied to the land of Israel in the time of our Lord or any time before or after.

How many of us don't get upset when people get our name wrong? I have to tell people all the time how to spell my name. I live in Hamilton New Zealand and I was once sent a parcel from Singapore, it went to Hamilton in Canada. It is very important we get the name and directions correct. We confess Yeshua as Lord and Saviour and the Word tells us if we do this we have our names written in the Book of Life. [Revelation 13:8] What a disaster it would be if the Lord misspelled our name or wrote it wrong in the book and on judgment day our name could not be found.

There is only one name to the Land and that is Israel, there are no aliases and the Lord is returning to that land and no other. The Mount of Olives stands to the east of the city of the Great King, Jerusalem. Standing on this high hill you get a clear view of the Old City. To the left you can see in the distance the town of Bethlehem, where our Lord started His walk on the earth and to the right is the valley of Jehoshaphat where it will end with calling of the nations to give account for their actions for dividing up God’s land, Israel. [Joel 3:2]

What’s in a name we might ask? Well as I have said everything when it comes to our own name, so why should it be any different for a Land that God named? I once worked in a place where if there were two or more people with the same name the management changed their names to stop confusion. This was done with total disregard of the hurt it caused the person affected. So are we disregarding God Himself by changing the name of His Land?

Yeshua is returning where? To Israel not America as some claim or any other place, He is returning to Israel to be crowned King of the Jews [John 19:21] and He will take His rightful place once and for all time as King of kings and Lord of lords. [Revelation 19:16] At this time all will bow and declare exactly who he is. [Philippians 2:11] Almighty Councillor, Almighty God, Prince of peace, God among us. [Isaiah 9:6] This is the Jew who was born in the city of David, Bethlehem that is in Judea. Yeshua came to show us the way to the truth [John 14:6] and it is only the truth that will set us free, [John 8:32] free from the thoughts of the world and direct us to the Word. There is a day coming when people from every tribe, tongue and nation will stand before our Lord praising His Holy Name. [Revelation 7:9] What a sight this will be and not one to be missed as black, brown and white people from every part of the human race, both Jew and Gentile will be there, standing side-by-side praising the Lord.

How embarrassing it is when we meet someone we have known for years and then go blank on their name. However we may never fear that God will forget our name, He knows everyone by name He even knows the number of hairs on our heads [Luke 12:7] and that we are wonderfully made and He loves us beyond measure. [Psalm 139:13-14] For this very reason surely we should love Him without measure in return. Of course we can’t love as He loves but we can truly try can’t we? After all we have been given the means of how and the direction of what love is and they both come in the form of Yeshua, His words and His action. Love the Lord thy God with all of your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind. [Matthew 22:37] If this is not loving God beyond measure I don’t know what is. These words were a command not a suggestion and Yeshua went on to live out those words on the Cross. He did not change a thing; everything was done according to the scriptures. [John 19:30] Loving God means following His direction and truths and knowing deep within our hearts His love for all mankind, and the name He gives to all who accept him - Children of God, [John 1:12] will never change. Neither will the promises of God concerning His chosen people or the land that He gave them. So what’s in a name where God is concerned? Everything.

 After Lot had separated from Abram, the LORD told Abram, “Look off to the north, south, east, and west from where you’re living, because I’m going to give you and your descendants all of the land that you see—forever! Genesis 13:14-15