4. May, 2017

Seeking His Righteousness

Many here will see the glory of the Lord. This was a word I received in 1992 when I was praying at a large church conference. That was twenty five years ago so what has happened since then? The answer to this question is, plenty. The war against Israel has stepped up to spread throughout the world and even into the Church. The war against the word of God [Revelation 17:14] has increased to a level arguably to the highest level seen for many many years. Society has been changed to a position that to believe in a living God [Psalm 53:1] is no longer a safe option in many places such as in schools, universities and in many countries of the world. [Matthew 24:9] The Lord said we have to walk the narrow path [Matthew 7:14] to gain salvation and backed this up by stating, “I am the way the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father but by me.” [John 14:6] Yes only by proclaiming Yeshua as Lord can we be saved, [Acts 4:12] and by no other name can we be saved, [Romans 10:9] no one else has ever died for our sins.

These are bold statements but we have to ask who or what would fight against such statements? The obvious and only answer to this question is the one who wants to destroy us, the people who are made in the image of God. [1 Peter 5:8] So he is out to stop the spread of the Gospel in any way he can and wherever he can. [Mark 4:15] So when the Gospel is not allowed to be proclaimed in any manner or anywhere, to me this is a clear indication of what the Lord said is true and a clear message to the world. [John 8:32]

The Lord has done His part in bringing salvation to the world; He has spoken through a burning bush [Exodus 3:1-4] and through the prophets. [2 Kings 7:1] He has spoken through a sacrifice on a cross and through an empty Tomb. [Luke 24:5] Yeshua walked with them on the road to explain the scriptures [Luke 24:27] and then rose into heaven in front of His followers promising to return. [Luke 24:51] It is this return we are now waiting for to occur.

It is time to look up as the birth pains have started, [Matthew 24:8] never has there been a time like this in history as we have experienced in the last seventy years. Seventy-seven years ago the state of Israel was once more the Land God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, [Psalm 105:8-11] and through the many prophets, it would be. Since then the world has been angry and the Jewish people have been attacked, tortured and killed all the time while the world turned its back on their plight. [Luke 11:48] so nothing is new under the Sun. [Ecclesiastes 1:9-10] Yeshua their Messiah is returning and what will He find? A world of peace in the love of the Lord, where blessed are the peacemakers, [Matthew 5:9] will they be in the majority or will they be the minority?

The Lord said; “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. [Matthew 5:6] The question is are we doing this? Are we so hungry for the Word that the Word of God comes before all else? Are we living as His word tells us to? [Leviticus 11:45] as the Lord goes on to say: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. [Matthew 5:7] God said He would give us a heart of flesh, one that He can write His commands upon, [Ezekiel 36:26] which brings an understanding through the power of the Holy Spirit to understand the truth of His Word. [Psalm 119:43] Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. [Matthew 5:9] Surely we have to have peace in our own hearts before we can live as peacemakers.

In this world of turmoil where nothing is as it should be, we need to be at peace in our hearts and what better way for this to occur in our lives than to follow the ways of the Lord. Yes Yeshua struggled with what was to happen on that night in the Garden [Matthew 26:42] but as I have said before, that was His coming to terms with the Bride price. But to see the real peace our Lord showed to the world was when He went like a lamb to the slaughter [Isaiah 53:7] and when asked did not complain but stood and listened to His accusers. [Mark 14:16] This was the peace Yeshua demonstrated to the world.

So in these troubled times let us turn to the Prince of Peace [Isaiah 9:6] who gives a peace that is beyond understanding [Philippians 4:7] and know He has everything under control. [Colossians 1:17] The only way we can do this is seek His righteousness and hunger for His Word. We can’t see Yeshua in the flesh but we can see Him in His Word [John 1:1-5] and the more we read His Word the closer we can come to be like Him. Like a child wants to be like a parent so we should strive to be like our teacher Yeshua [Luke 9:49] and our Saviour, [2 Peter 1:1] our example. When He was tested He turned to the Word, [Matthew 4:4] when He was questioned He fulfilled scripture. He was the First Fruits from the dead, [1 Corinthians 15:20] presenting Himself to the Father unblemished and without sin. [John 20:17] This is our role model, the perfect one, the one that took the sins of the world upon Himself to set the stage for His Bride to ready herself for His return.

As the time of Yeshua’s return draws ever closer, let us not be over concerned with the day to day business as each day will take care of itself. [Matthew 6:34] It is time to draw ever closer to the Lord and accept His needs and that is for His children to live and work out the Gospel within our lives, [John 1:12] no matter what the cost. Let the Lord find on His return a people seeking after righteousness and ready to welcome Him with  “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord,” [John 12:13] no matter what is going on around us. We bring nothing into this world and we take nothing out. [Job 1:21] However we can take the love of Yeshua in our hearts and salvation for all time if we seek after His righteousness and His ways and accept that He died for our sins.

 But now Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who are asleep. For since by a man came death, by a man also came the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive. But each in his own order: Christ the first fruits, after that those who are Christ’s at His coming, then comes the end, when He hands over the kingdom to the God and Father, when He has abolished all rule and all authority and power. For He must reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet. The last enemy that will be abolished is death. 1 Corinthians 15:20-26