16. Jun, 2017

Standing on the Word

Standing on the Word 

We read in the news about all the Egyptian Christians who were killed because they failed to deny their faith in Yeshua. They were taken off the bus one by one and when they failed to walk away from the Lord Yeshua and bow to Islam they were shot, men women and children. This is very upsetting and it is not the first time this has happened in recent years. Nineteen women were burned alive in Syria because they would not give in to the demands of their Islamic captors. And so it goes on and on.

But wait a minute, Christians throughout the world are being told, not asked but told to deny their faith in the scriptures and the saving grace of Yeshua who is the only pathway to salvation.  [Acts 4:10-12] You may ask how? And as they say, a good question! Take for example anybody running for office in many countries today, their Christian faith is questioned as to whether they can do a good job for all the people. Even in the church we have a move away from the scriptures to be more accommodating to those who don’t believe as we do. [Ephesians 6:14]

Statements such as ‘The scriptures were written for then and this is now.” I was told several years ago that I was saying God was dead because I said God is un-changing. And yet that is exactly where our security is, God is always the same. [Hebrews 13:8] The same rules in the Old Testament [Isaiah 40:6-8] are the same rules given in the New Testament. [1 Peter 1:23-25] He is not a man that He should lie or change His mind. [Numbers 23:18-19] In this statement alone we should rejoice, as our Salvation is secure in Him and for all time. [Revelation 7:9-12]

A woman writing in a local paper had an opinion and anybody who did not agree with her were, no I will not list the words she used against every Christian in the country who believes in the sole Saviour of the world, Yeshua. [John 5:39-44] If we are to have a debate on a subject, nothing will come of it if we abuse the other side before we even start. I wrote to the paper asking who would be able to put their hand up under such a barrage of abuse? They showed they agreed with the writer by not printing my letter. We as Believers in the One true God [Deuteronomy 10:17] are being pressured to close the Bible and take on the many faiths including Islam. [Hebrews 13:9] If we bow to these pressures are we not denying the truth of the Word? [James 3:14]

As we draw ever closer to the return of the Lord the pressure increases daily to deny the Lord. We must stand ever stronger and the Lord has given us the strength, the power and the promise of what is to come if we stand firm on the truth. [Ephesians 6:14] What is truth? Asked Pilate. [John 18:38] Truth is clearly what Yeshua died for, we sinners of the world, [Romans 5:8] we needed redeeming and the Blood of the Lamb set us free. [Revelation 7:10] We are saved by the grace of God, not by acts of self-efforts but by the love of God. [Ephesians 2:8]

In no other faith is there such a thing; they all require an act or works by the follower to hopefully gain their salvation and even sacrifice of themselves but God alone provides. [Genesis 22:7-8] At the end of the day not one of these faiths can give an absolute promise of what is to come. Some believe they go to hell and then their god decides if they are good enough to go to heaven. Others think we will keep coming back until we are good enough and then when we finally reach the top level, we become one with the universe. [2 Timothy 4:3]

Only in the knowledge of the saving grace of Yeshua do we have an assurance of what is to come, as He died was buried and rose again. [John 3:16-17] He was seen by many [1 Corinthians 15:6] and He ate with His disciples [Luke 24:40-43] and they saw Him rise from this earth. [Acts 1:9] This is truth that he suffering was caused by the people but still forgave them. It is this truth that is coming under attack more and more and sadly even within the church as we are told to accept the things that are taking place within the world. [John 15:19] Whether it be culture, tradition or sexual behaviour we are told to stop and accept and be more loving and then all will be good. [1 John 2:15] Are we to love people into hell? [Ezekiel 33:1-20]

The Lord writing through Paul made it very clear; if we compromise on these things then we are just as guilty as the one who has committed the sin. [Romans 1:32] So what is sin?  The answer is anything that goes against the teachings of the Word of God.  The good news is there is way out and that is to confess our sins and repent and we will be forgiven. [1 John 1:9] Praise the Lord! Because as the song goes, we are weak and He is strong, strong in power and strong in forgiveness.

As the pressure mounts for us to deny our faith and the Word of God we need to call on His power for strength. The power that came upon weak frightened men and changed them into men of power. [Acts 4:33] Men and women, who down through the ages have refused to weaken, died for their trust in the Lord. We must remember we may never be asked to give up our physical life for the Gospel. But we are being asked, even forced to give up our life in the Lord, by an ever-increasing pressure to accept the world and not the Lord. [Romans 12:2]

We are to take up our Cross-and all that entails, to follow the Lord in this world and into the next. [Luke 9:23-26] The gates of Hades will never over come the truth that is placed into our hearts [Matthew 16:18] through the Power of the Holy Spirit. [Acts 1:9] Yeshua has gone before us - He stood firm on the Word when tested in the wilderness by quoting scripture. [Deuteronomy 8:3] Yeshua stood on the Word when tested when the woman who was caught in adultery was brought before Him. [Deuteronomy 19:15] Yeshua stood firm on the Word and therefore so should we. We must not let the Word slip from our hands, if the people who are shot for their faith can stand firm on the truth, surely we can withstand a little name calling to bring the truth to the people without compromise. Lord grant us the strength to stand firm in the Word in all situations and never leave the shadow of the Cross nor ever deny the empty tomb.

 But be on your guard; for they will deliver you to the courts, and you will be flogged in the synagogues, and you will stand before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them. “The gospel must first be preached to all the nations. “When they arrest you and hand you over, do not worry beforehand about what you are to say, but say whatever is given you in that hour; for it is not you who speak, but it is the Holy Spirit. “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and have them put to death. “You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved. Mark 13:9-13