8. Sep, 2017

The Beauty of Knowing the Lord

As time goes by the returning of the Lord gets ever closer. So our love for him should grow and know no bounds in readiness for His coming. He is the one who has given us a future, a future that if it’s half as good as the word tells us, we are going to be blessed far more than we can imagine. God’s love for the people is greater than the creation itself, [Psalm 65:6] the joy of it should be putting smiles on faces worldwide. Yeshua is coming and our joy of the encounter we will have with Him on that day should have our feet dancing and hearts pounding and our eyes looking to the heavens. With Jesus in our hearts it is most important to live for Him above all else.

If you will allow me for a moment to give a testimony about why I love the Lord and will serve Him for the rest of my life. I had already accepted Jesus as Lord [Romans 10:9] when I went to the hospital many years ago to have a large mole on my leg checked. The first thing the specialist said was, that has to come off, now! I didn't have to make an appointment as there just happened to be two doctors there doing out work such as small operations. So there and then they removed that mole which was just above my knee on my right leg. I left the hospital with my leg bandaged with the mole gone and life ahead of me.

Two days later I received a call from the doctor to tell me the mole was in fact a very serious melanoma and if I could come back at the end of the week they would once more operate on my leg. On the Friday I found myself in the operating room having more flesh removed from my leg. During prayer before the operation God had shown me that if it were cut out, all would be OK. A few weeks after the operation I went to see the surgeon and while looking at his files he looked up and said; “I believe you are healed.” I praise the Lord for those simple words and His faithfulness. [Romans 3:3] And it is for this reason and many more I serve the Lord today.

This made me feel important to God, [Matthew 10:30] why would He do such a thing to heal people if they are not important? I was on top of the world because I now had a life to serve my healer, the Father of all. [Ephesians 4:6] It is time for us all to look into the face of Yeshua and know Him with the love He showed us on the cross where He showed our importance to Him. Yes there is a time coming and maybe soon where there will be a great judgment for what we have and have not done. [2 Corinthians 5:10] We never need to fear this event when it occurs if our heart and life is one of surrender to our Saviour Yeshua.

We need to return to our First love, of the time when we were first saved and viewed the pathway to heaven through new eyes. Heaven is the place where the Lord sold everything for us to be able to enter. A pearl of great price [Matthew 13:45-46] is what He called us, the Lord gave up everything and paid the required price for us to be able to stand in His presence [Luke 24:20] where we will cry “Salvation to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.” [Revelation 7:10] This is our future so why would we ever pass it up by ignoring the call of the Lord for every person on earth to enter. [Revelation 3:20]

However people love the darkness and [John 3:19] are frightened to give up a moment’s pleasure for an award that will last forever when worldly pleasures are nothing but vanity. [Ecclesiastes 2:11] It is time to decide, will it be God or the world, light or dark, laughter or tears? It is our decision. [Joshua 24:15] as God the Father has done His bit and Yeshua gave up His life. [John 10:17-18] The Holy Spirit came to help us to follow the way that leads to salvation [John 14:26] and a place where there is no more pain. [Revelation 21:4]

In the words of a Japanese man suffering from leprosy, why should I fear the road ahead when the one who loves is leading me? Yes why should any of us fear the road ahead when the One who has showed love and grace from the beginning to all? Love and grace were shown to Adam and Eve then to Cain then to Noah and then to Jacob. To these He gave the gift of life by grace as He has so many times throughout history and as He has to us today. It is by this grace we have a future, which was presented to us on the cross and confirmed when they found the tomb empty. [Luke 24:24] It is the same Yeshua who rose from the dead and rose into heaven and one day will return. [Acts 1:9-11]

We need to answer the question, do we want to be part of what is to come or stay in the world? [1 John 2:15] But by the grace of God even if we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, [Acts 3:23] the Lord died for us while we were still in that state of sin, [Acts 5:8] forgave us as He hung on the cross, surely the decision is easy is it not? Before we make that decision we need to remind ourselves of what the Lord gave up. He came from heaven and dwelt among us. [John 1:14] He showed His power grace and love. He was there for all who called upon Him for help. Then He gave up His life for us in a most painful way. Jesus has done what the Lord God called Him to do right to the very end. [Luke 22:42] Now it is our turn to follow Him and enjoy the walk, just remember the journey, with all its ups and the downs, will be worth it at the end, as His was. [Colossians 3:1]

 For not one of us lives for himself, and not one dies for himself; for if we live, we live for the Lord, or if we die, we die for the Lord; therefore whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ died and lived again, that He might be Lord both of the dead and of the living. Romans 14:7-9