28. Sep, 2017

obedience to God

Dear Friends and Family,
This is the message for the week of the 23/9/17 which I have just been able to enter to the web page.
I am sending this from a shop in Jerusalem so please excuse if there are problems. Penny is not here to check it me.
Dennis and Penny
Obedience to the Lord.
At the writing of this I'm well on my way to Israel. I have completed the first eleven hour flight and as planned stayed awake for the flight, to be able to sleep most of the next eleven hour flight, the plan worked.  I was not going to watch a movie on the first flight but had no choice as they turned the lights out which put us all into darkness. The first movie was hacksaw ridge. It is the true story of Private Doss who said he would not take up arms  to kill. He stood by his convictions in the face of much persecution as they tried to get him to change his mind. Matthew 10:22

There was reminder for us all in his life, of the commands of the Lord and what it is to be obedient to the call of God on our lives. There is a blessing to be had if we are in unity with God and His Word - Psalm 133:1 - if we will only obey and follow the Lord and not man. Acts 5:29 In the first attack upon the ridge they lost many men, but Doss was there for the wounded and it was obvious the Lord was honouring this humble mans promise of not to kill. Exodus 20:13 When the Japanese counter attacked the next day, many Americans were killed or wounded but Doss was not hit. The Americans were beaten back and what was left got off the ridge to safety but Doss was left behind. Over the following hours he rescued many of the wounded by himself, by lowering them by rope down the ridge to safety. His cry was just one more Lord just one more and he saved over seventy men from certain death.

Should this not be our cry, just one more Lord, just one more. Romans 10:14 Here was a nobody in the eyes of the world and the Lord used him mightily. James 2:5 Because of his actions they allowed him to pray before the next battle for the ridge, which they won with very little loss of their troops. God does honour the obedient, He hears our cry of the heart of all and answers that call. Exodus 2:23

As I said I am on my way to Israel why, I am not to sure but we all have to follow the heart of God wherever He leads. Mark 8:34 Like in the second movie, The Zoo keepers wife, the story of a couple in Poland who at the start of the Second World War, were running a zoo. At the beginning of the war the animals were mostly destroyed, leaving some very empty rooms, especially an underground place where they kept some of the animals. Within their caring hearts, God placed a longing to help the Jewish people in the Warsaw Ghetto. Over the period of the war they saved nearly four hundred Jewish people and all but two survived the war. Another example when there is a call we must act as this couple and their eight year old son did, yes their young son helped in their actions. Isaiah 6:6-8

Now is the time to take inspiration from such people as we step out in faith and listen for the call on the life we have received from the creator. Jeremiah 1:7-8 People are being lost and as I look around me on the plane on the last flight to Israel. So many Israelis so many Orthodox Jewish men, they know about God and they serve Him in their own way. However it is not knowing about The Lord but it is about knowing Him. Romans 10:9-10 And there is the reason Yeshua came, to introduce the Father to the people so we could know Him, learn of His love and saving Grace and then act upon it to tell others, so one more can be saved. Ephesians 2:8
Private Doss knew the Father and tried to serve Him with all of his heart, the couple in Poland knew what the Father required of them and served the Lord for the duration of the war not knowing if each day would be their last. Luke 9:62 Without getting too morbid about it, each day could be our last so each day we can serve the Lord we should rejoice with a gladness of heart. Philippians 4:3-5 This week is the feast of Trumpets,  a feast that talks of resurrection, kingship and wedding. The question remains, will He come this week next month or in the years to come, we don't know - Matthew 24:44 - but His coming is assured but the question is, is our readiness to welcome just as assured? 2 Peter 3:10
We look to the skies when we see a rainbow and talk of the pot gold to be found where it touches the ground. Well this plane I sit in is going to land on that special land at the end of the flight, will we find a pot of gold? May be not but one thing I do know is the one who is golden will one day touch down in this special land created by God. Where He came to and will return and in its centre is the golden city of Jerusalem awaiting the return of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Revelation 21:21 What more can we ask, but to see His face. He was loyal unto death for us - 1 Corinthians 15: 21:56 - so I am sure He looks at people like Private Doss and the Zoo keeper and his wife and knows what loyalty can achieve under very trying conditions.  As Yeshua achieved for us all when He was crucified for us, so we all have a hope and a future - Hebrews 6:18 - 20 - when He gave us a new and living way by the way of the cross. Hebrews 10:19-23
Fear not for I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name I am with you. When you pass through the the waters I will be with you, and the rivers will not overflow you. When you walk through the the fire I'll be with you nor will the flame touch you. For I am the the Holy One of Israel your Saviour. Isaiah 43:1b-3b

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