30. Sep, 2017

Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk

. from the religion he endured growing up. Matthew 5:20 The very religion that has caused him not to believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

Isaac is an example of how religion can kill the spirit within us. I saw this religious spirit at the Kotel wall. All the different garments and different hats, all the religious people trying to gather favour with God with their rules and regulations. Ephesians 5:8 If we ever think that we need to follow the rules and regulations to find favour, then come to Israel and you will soon see what religion does for you. Romans 7:4

On another day I talked and walked with a Jewish believer and we ended up in a Church to Mary. In one area there were many people and some of the ladies where weeping and kneeling at a statue lying on a tomb. My friend thought it was a real funeral from the attitude of the people and wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. But when he found out it was only a plastic statue, he was horrified. Daniel 6:10-23 This friend had also come from a Orthodox background and could not believe followers of Yeshua could do such a thing. I am sure the Lord is asking the same question. We may not kneel at wooden statues but we can make our own statues that we can worship and that is anything that takes preference over the Lord. Exodus 20:4

The statue was of Mary but the word says Mary was blessed among women not holy. Luke 1:42 As I said this young man saw nothing of the scripture to serve the Lord in a way to make them envious, the.Jewish people, of wanting to know more of Yeshua. Romans 11:11 There is but one who has walked this earth that has the right to be called Holy, and that is the Lord Himself. Revelation 15:4 He walked and talked to us and now does so through His word but are we listening. We all have gone astray - Romans 3:23- and walked in the world but even worse, we think as the world thinks and talk like the world talks. The first young man, Isaac, prefers the world because the people he grew up around did not talk the talk of the Bible as they changed the Word into a language of religion. This chased him away from his people and his God.

The other young man questioned the language of the people because they did not seem to be speaking the words he was reading nor living out what he was being told by his Heavenly Father or knew what was in the Torah, the scriptures he had grown up with. The result being, now that he had a vision of Yeshua, having never read the New Testament, of seeing the Lord glowing white - Luke 9:29 - and the one with the eyes of fire. Revelation 19:12 Now he does not trust any mans written words and has not read the Bible for four years. Even in the world of Believers, he is not seeing in the lives of the leaders, anything reflecting the beauty and power of the Lord Yeshua he was shown by the Lord Himself.

We know how to talk to the world - 1 John 2:15 - but do we know how to talk to God or how He talks to us? Helen Keller had to learn the difference between right and wrong because being deaf and blind she had no way to communicate with her surroundings, we have the Word of God to teach us, Helen was blind and deaf she learnt. She had to learn how to talk through sign language, something not easy for a deaf and blind person, but she did. After seeing the actions of the church in regard to the Word of God and to Israel I wonder if we have learnt the lesson between right and wrong. Have we really learnt how to communicate with the Lord. In some of the actions and words I see and hear spoken it is obvious we know how to speak in a worldly way but what about speaking and acting in a Godly way as the Lord commands? Leviticus 19:2

Surely there is something we all have to do is learn to talk to God. Yes many say our prayers are talking to God and they are, but this is not what I believe the Lord is saying when He says talk to Me. Deuteronomy 5:24 We sing praises to Him and we ask Him to do many things for us and through these things we all have a testimony to give including God. Psalm 119:99 But when was the last time we gave God a chance to talk to us and give His testimony? After all He has been around forever and what is written in the word is only a fraction of what He said. John 21:25

The Lord has a lot to say as He knows all things and wants to give us His testimony, of how he loved us all from the beginning of time. How He filled this world with His love and grace from Adam to Yeshua and beyond in a much greater way. Hebrews 10:20 He speaks to us clearly it is us who complicates things. I wonder if God ever regrets giving us the power of speech? Genesis 11:1-9 What we all need is an encounter in the Lord to renew our spirits, to keep our focus on the Lord. To keep us truly in the walk the Lord has laid out before us, a walk not of religion, but one of Light and truth as the Lord created from the cross. Let us pray for each other for strength to keep true to the Lord and all be in one accord with His Word and steadfast with the mind of Yeshua the Messiah so we are a witness to the truth and not a barrier. 
Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. I have sworn and confirmed that I keep Your righteous judgments. I am afflicted very much, revive O Lord according to your Word. Psalm 119:105-107

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