6. Oct, 2017

The Battle Continues

The Battle Continues

There is a battle going on and many are being side tracked by what is happening in the heavens instead of looking beyond to the heavenly realm. I am seeing article after article about this moon and this star and so on. But we need to stop and look at the Word of God and what He is doing. Matthew 6:32-33 Yes Yeshua talked about the signs in the skies but He also said seek the Lord while He can be found. Isaiah 55:6 A thousand years ago when the world was about to pass the mark of 1000AD. People sold their properties and gave away their money as they expected the coming of the Lord at that time in history. Here we are a thousand years later and people are still doing the same because of a sign in the sky.

A thousand years ago Israel had been destroyed, a hundred years ago people were talking about reestablishing Israel. Today Israel is once more alive and growing but people are still not looking to Israel for the sign of the times. Luke 21:29-31 The Biblical prophecies that are being fulfilled in that land today are incredible. And These are the signs that something is happening in the spiritual. As Believers in the Jewish Messiah w are always asking the question, when is the Lord returning as predicted in scripture, when will He take up his throne as the King of kings? Matthew 25:31

Throughout history there has been a battle to stop the plan of God, that is, yours and my salvation. From Adam and Eve and their listening to their own desires, - Genesis 3:6 - to Haman in the time of Esther. To the persecution of the Jewish people by the Greeks, from Rome to the persecution in Spain to the Pogroms of Russia, through the time of the Holocaust and up to today. We have to ask the question why, why all this against one group of people? 

To answer this we have to believe and know the Messiah is going to return as it was told in Acts 1 to God's people on the Mount of Olives. If we believe He is returning  then we should understand there will be much opposition to His return as there was to the the time He first stepped on to the earth some two thousand years ago. Before then the Temple was destroyed along with the city of Jerusalem. Jeremiah 52:12-14 The people were taken off to Babylon far from their home land. Jeremiah 52:28 But then some seventy years later King Cyrus allowed them to return to rebuild the city and Jerusalem. Nehemiah and Ezra were given the task to prepare the city, as I would suggest, for the coming of the Messiah. Why would they experience such opposition if they were just building another town? But this was no ordinary town this was the City of the Great King and they were building it, unbeknown to them, in preparation of His coming. Psalm 48:1-2

Then some three hundred years later more opposition, when the Greeks desecrated the Temple and turned the people to the Greek religion of hellenism,  once more an attempt to remove the people from the Word of God. This would have removed the people as Jewish people, so no Line of Jacob - Numbers 24:17 - or root of Jesse - Isaiah 11:1-10 -  would exist for the Messiah to come to. This plan failed as all plans will because God is in control not mankind. Proverbs 19:21  Over the following centuries there have been many attempts to destroy the Jewish People such as the Holocaust and up to today with anti-Semitism on the rise throughout the world.

And this is where our focus should be watching and protecting the Jewish people. The reestablishment of Jerusalem and the Temple was the sign for the world at the first coming when there was much resistance to what the Lord was doing as there is today. If the Jewish people back then, had been destroyed or removed as a people, then the Jewish Messiah would not have been able to fulfil the scriptures such as Isaiah 9:6-7. 

Fast forward in History and we in our time are seeing and experiencing the resistance to the re-establishment and the building of the City of the great King as a Jewish city and the Jewish homeland. This resistance is strong and increasing so we should be looking to the Messiah for the answers. He is the one returning and this is where our focus should be, on the coming King. Zechariah 14:4 Whether He comes this week or next year or whenever, Yeshua is the one who is coming for His bride and it could be while we are distracted away from the Word. Which goes into much depth in telling us the Lord will come like a thief in the night. Some will be ready some will not. Matthew 24:43
As this trip unfolds I am meeting more and more Jewish people. This is obvious in Israel but here in America there is approximately the same Jewish population as Israel and I think I have met them all. So many Jewish people in this area, some believers in Yeshua but many not. There is a real mission field here for those who are called to this work. But then there is a real mission field for the Gospel wherever we are people just don't know the saving grace of our Father in Heaven. Like the checkout attendant to the person serving at the Petrol station, many do not know the Lord. 

I feel the heart of the Jewish Believers in Yeshua over here for their people. For their people to know the love and grace of the Messiah, that they have experienced. Ephesians 2:4-5 This is the same grace that all can experience when we accept Yeshua and feel the love from the Father's heart for the everlasting covenant - Isaiah 55:3 -  to His children. John 1:12-13 Yeshua said unless we come as little children to understand about the Gospel we will never understand what he was saying. Mark 10:14-15 It is time to stop from our busyness and worries of this world - Colossians 2:2-4 - and to think about what is to come. It is time to stop and think are we the people that shows the Gospel to those around us. Matthew 5:15-16 Do we love unconditionally as Yeshua did - Romans 5:8 do we love the unlovable as the Lord loves us, - Psalm 42:8 - do we tell of the only way to salvation, - John 14:6 - and do we show the words of Yeshua when he said, go and sin no more? 
Now when John was put in prison Yeshua came to the Galilee, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and saying; The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the Gospel. Mark 1:14-15 He also said; go and sin no more. John 8:11. 

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