30. Nov, 2017

Faith the size of a Mustard Seed

Faith the size of a Mustard Seed

 This week a woman of God who lived near by, went to be with her Lord. I write this message in her memory. She was such a lovely lady and what faith, if she lost something she would just ask the Lord to give her directions to where the item was and He did. [Psalm 121:1] She loved to dance in church and everybody who came into her presence got a hug. She had two flights in her life of sixty-six years but apart from that she never went very far away from her home. Judy, her name, as far as the world was concerned never achieved anything great. She was someone people would walk past and not say a word to. And yet she had so much love for her Lord and for people if you stopped and talked to her she touched your heart.

Judy never went to University or even High School, in fact she never went to school at all and could neither read nor write. She was made fun of in the street but when she spoke to her tormentors, they would see her for who she was a real person and one to be respected. You see this lady had Down Syndrome, but sometimes when speaking with Judy you could forget her condition. But one thing you could learn from Judy was her belief and faith in the living God. On the day of her baptism when she came out of the water, she looked up and with her arms raised praising the Lord; it was as if she could see an opening to heaven. [Psalm 28:7]

This is the faith we all need as we walk this path we call life. We are saved by grace [Ephesians 2:8] but once saved we walk by faith, faith in the truth that will one day stand before us on judgment day and this is the Lord Himself. [Psalm 26:3] He is all truth and all grace but we have to do our part and that is trust in Him. [Proverbs 3:5] But here is the good news in this; God Himself gives us the strength to walk, as He wants us to walk. [Exodus 15:2] Judy's life was uncomplicated by things so she could see the path clearly, you might say there was nothing in her life to make her stumble. But there was, she knew who she was and the things she could and could not do she knew her limitations. But nothing stood in the way of her faith in her Lord and Saviour Yeshua. [Romans 8:37-39]

Yeshua said the meek would inherit the earth. [Matthew 5:5] He also said unless we come like children, in our faith, we would never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. [Matthew 18:3] These are very strong words but when we look at some of the very intellectual teachings that are out there, that teach people to know about Yeshua versus the teachings that not only teach about Him but also teach who and what He did. Then we can see the truth in these words.

Children trust their parents to know and they should be people they can look up to within the trouble of the world. In faith they believe their parents know what is best for them. Where as parents might let us down, our Father in heaven will never fail us and we can have total trust and surrender by faith in Him. [Hebrews 13:5] A faith that comes from the very one we need to have faith in. People ask how do I get more faith? Like all things we just need to ask the giver of all things, God Himself. Faith is a gift from God and like all things we may need we just have to ask for it and it will be given unto us. [1 Corinthians 12:9] We live by faith and walk not by sight but by every word of God [2 Corinthians 5:7] and we can do this because He is truth, truth in all things. [Proverbs 30:5]

Life is a minefield out there and just as a soldier picks their way through the danger of a minefield, they have faith in the training they have received from their instructors. Our heavenly instructor will never put us wrong as He was sent to teach us all things [John 14:26] and we need to have faith in this promise and we can because the Lord is true to His Word. Some times we rely too much on our intellect in trying to understand the Word of God instead of just surrendering to the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us. It is in faith we live not as the world leads but by the way the Word of God leads [Psalm 119:105]. We can do this as we live in the light, the light of the world, [John 8:12] the very light that darkness can never over come. [John 1:5] Yeshua is the light on the hill leading all who are in darkness into His marvelous light. [John 1:6-9]

The world was plunged into darkness the day He died for our sins, [Luke 23:44] just for a moment in time the light of life was put out. [Luke 23:46] But on the third day that light was switched on again [1 Corinthians 15:4] so we could all see clearly the truth that is held within the promises of God as Judy did. [2 Timothy 1:1] We don't need big educations to see Yeshua we just need a willing heart. [Deuteronomy 6:5] Rich or poor, weak or strong, educated or not, Yeshua is there for all. It is us who put our circumstances in the way of knowing the promises of God. We might complain that this person did this or that person did this but that is not God. We are not God and we make mistakes, which may cause a problem either for ourselves or for others, but God is always there to rescue us as a parent rescues their children. [Matthew 28:20]

It is by faith we walk not in things seen but in things not seen. [Hebrews 11:1] We may not be able to see God but we can feel His presence, [1 Thessalonians 3:9] we can hear His voice in the wind, [Psalm 77:18] we can see His beauty in the world around us and we can feel His touch when He wipes away the tear. [Isaiah 25:8] His beauty is there for all no matter who we are or what we have achieved in this life. His pierced hands [Zechariah 12:10] are reaching out to the people of the world not because of what we have done but because of what He has done. [Romans 5:8] He came, He saw, He conquered, He came because of the death in the world, He faced that death and He conquered that death, then and for all time. [1 Corinthians 15:55] And in that He had faith that the people of the world would see what He had done and would have faith and believe and be saved. For Yeshua did not come into the world to condemn the world but through Him the world would be saved [John 3:17] through faith. So let us have this child like faith the faith as a mustard seed [Matthew 17:19-20] and let the Lord water it so we can move mountains and we get a better view of all He has done for us. [2 Timothy 1:9]

 Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord or of me His prisoner, but join with me in suffering for the gospel according to the power of God, who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was granted us in Christ Jesus from all eternity, but now has been revealed by the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, who abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel, 2 Timothy 1:8-10