12. Jan, 2018

He is the Standard the measuring Rod.

He is the Standard the measuring Rod.

 We are on this earth for but a breath [Psalm 39:5] and then we are gone, but where we go is up to us. [Joshua 24:15] Someone wrote on face book page that people who believe in God have closed minds. I ask who has the closed mind, those who refuse to see the beauty of God all around us, [Psalm 27:4] or those who see His wonder in everything? [Psalm139:8] To close our minds to the possibility of a greater power than ourselves is like watching a classic movie on nature with our eyes closed. God has given us such a beautiful place to live but like us, one day it will come to and end. [Matthew 5:18]

A lifetime on this earth does not come to a dead end it is just the beginning. [1 Corinthians 15:55] Someone wrote that the river Jordan flows from a place of life, the Sea of Galilee where many fish live to the Dead Sea, which as the name tells us is dead, no life. In fact you can just lie back in it and read the paper, as the water is so dense. But it is dead because there is no outlet and all the rubbish gathers there. However out of the rubbish come very rich minerals recycled for good.

Our lives are a little like that, we are alive and if we let it, it can slowly or sometimes too quickly, come to a stop with it ending in disaster. And there we have why the Lord came to earth, to change death into life, to change rubbish into gold and to raise us up on the last day. [2 Corinthians 4:14] If we feel lost we can call out to Him to be found. [Psalm 119:176] He is the One who creates life from all situations, even when people feel there is nothing more to gain. The Lord is there to pick us up and recycle us to be a child of God. [John 1:12]

Yeshua did not come to destroy the wicked He came to save us. [John 3:17] He is life not death [Hebrews 2:14] as He is not the end, just the beginning of what is to come. [Revelation 1:18] He is the river of life [John 7:38] and whenever life on this earth may end it isn’t the end but only the beginning, because the river of life goes on forever.  [Revelation 22:2] It flows through eternity taking us to what God has been directing mankind to for all of time, salvation and to live with Him finally as was planned from the beginning. Through Yeshua we do not have a temporary fix but one that will go on forever. [Hebrew 10:1-12] God has promised and He never lies or changes His mind. [Numbers 23:19] God is love and wants us all to feel that love and that power that we can only have in surrendering to Him.

Where there is death, in Him there can be life. Where there is hope He brings certainty and where there is despair there can be peace. This is a peace that passes all understanding and can bring joy and a promise. [Philippians 4:7]

People ask how can you be so certain, how do you know? The answer is simple, I have seen the truth of His Word acted out before us so many times. The answer is found in Yeshua the One and only advocate with the Father. [1 John 2:1] The One who came to show us what we are to do and how to love and to follow Him all the days of our lives. Yeshua came to tell of and to set the standard, a standard to be met as followers of the Living God who is Holy and tells us to be holy, [Leviticus 11:44] that Holiness can only found through Yeshua. If we accept Yeshua as Lord and Saviour we have accepted the standard required and will live, if we fail to meet that standard then it is not God who condemns us but ourselves. [1 John 5:10-12]

In any sports competition a standard is set which people have to obtain before they can be considered for selection. I have a relative who was once asked to run for Fiji in the Olympic games. There was only one problem, he was just a jogger not a runner and his times for the different distances showed this. He turned them down because he knew he not only did not meet the qualifying time, there was no way he would deserve to be among such runners that go to the Olympics. Yes there is a standard set for all things including our walk from this world into the next. The Father has set that standard and all it takes to meet that standard is a trip to our knees and confess Yeshua is Lord of our lives and live within that standard. [Romans 10:9] If we don’t meet the standard on this earth why would we ever want to be with the people who do, in the next?

God does not fail us we fail us. As I used to tell my students, I have never failed a student. They looked happy until I told them the rules and what was required of them. I promised to give them all the information they would require and I would do everything in my power to teach them so they would pass. Now if they failed to meet those requirements or follow my instructions and allowed the rubbish of the world to interfere with their learning and failed, then they had failed themselves. All I would be doing when I checked their papers and saw they had not reached the mark was agreeing with them that they had failed; they had failed themselves so I could not pass them.

God has sent His Son into the World to show us all the standards we are to meet. The Word of God records all of His Commandments; it warns us of the evils and warns us to stay away from the things that bring death and not life. It is a book of rules and regulations, promises and love. It is the Book that brought reassurance to the people of the past and brings hope and promises to us here and now. It tells us to follow the river of life and to produce fruit to further the Kingdom. [1 Corinthians 10:4] When Yeshua left this world He gave us the Holy Spirit to ensure we would learn all things to meet the required standard. [John 14:26]

If we live in the world we will gather worldly things, if we live in God’s world here and now we will ready ourselves for the world to come. If we gather the rubbish, the rubbish will only gather more rubbish. But if we follow the river of life, which flows from the rock of salvation, [Psalm 95:1] like all rocky rivers that cleanse the water, so will we be cleansed by the Rock if we fall at His feet, [Matthew 21:43-44] as we surrender to Him by opening our minds to His glory in all things. Because He is all we need as He is:

 Yeshua is “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” [Revelation. 22:13] He is the Author and Perfecter of Our Faith. Authority is His both in heaven and on earth. [Matthew 28:18] He is the Bread of Life. [John 6:35] He is the Chief Cornerstone. [Psalm 118:22] He is the Deliverer from what is to come. [1 Thessalonians 1:10] He is the Good Shepherd who laid down his life for the sheep. [John 10:11] Yeshua is the Great High Priest. [Hebrews 4:14] He is a Indescribable [2 Corinthians 9:15 and 21] He is the one who takes away the sin of the world. [John 1:29] He is the Light of the World [John 8:12] He is One Who sets us free [John 8:36] and Our Hope. [1 Timothy 1:1] He is our Redeemer who lives [Job 19:25] and our Rock from which we drink [1 Corinthians 10:4] and our sacrifice for Our Sins. [1 John 4:10] Yeshua is the resurrection and the Life [John 11:25] He is the Door to salvation [John 10:9] and He is the Way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. [John 14:6]