28. Mar, 2018

Who do you say I Am?

Who do you say I Am?

 Some say Yeshua was just a good man others say He was a Prophet but I believe at this time the question the Lord is asking is, “Who do you say I am?”  He can’t have just been a good man, as a good man does not tell lies. [Numbers 23:19] Because in Islam, they say He did not die on the cross as He got someone else to die in His place. Was He just a prophet? But would a prophet die such a death for the sins of the world or could they?  As there is no one who has never sinned [Romans 3:23] as it is written the sacrifice had to be perfect. [Exodus 12:5] And as there was only One who never sinned or could never be tempted into sinning and was examined over four days and finally declared sinless and declared not guilty [Luke 23:4] then He and only He could be the sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Who do you say I am? The question that was asked of the disciples [Mark 8:29] and has been asked of every generation since. It is the question that every generation must answer before they leave this earth for the next. Yeshua hung on the cross and as many looked up at the sinless one, some said “Crucify Him” [Luke 23:21] whereas others knew exactly who He was, the Son of the living God. [Mark 15:39]

Yeshua means salvation and Yeshuati, means ‘my salvation’ and this is who hung on the cross on that day some two thousand years ago, my salvation, something every one can declare if they would just stop for a moment and look up and see the tears of pain and the scars of forgiveness and the eyes of love that looked down from the cross as the Centurion did. A moment of ones time can change a life in an instant and give a change of heart to bring them into glory as a child of God. [John 1:12]

If we say He was just a good man then we can just walk on by as many do. Many men and women have made their mark in the world and then are gone and after a few generations are forgotten left to the history books. But if Yeshua is more than just a good man, one who does not lie and was from the beginning of time as He said He was, [John 8:58] Then I believe we should all be paying Him a little more attention than just for one hour on Sunday or whatever day we gather to proclaim Him as Lord. Yeshua was here on earth for such a short time but His life will never fade from history, He was before time and will be here long after time ends for this earth. [John 1:1]

If we say He was just a prophet then we place Him no higher than the many prophets of history that have come and gone. But there is another question that has to be asked, how many good men or prophets have changed the course of history like Yeshua has? Who other than Yeshua has changed and rescued lives for the better as He did and does today and will do until He returns? If we come to the conclusion that He was who He said He was, like countless people before us then the Lord is asking what are we going to do about it?  

 Who do you say I am? the question that should ring in the ears of everyone as we come to yet another Passover celebration. A question that should never go unanswered because our salvation depends on the answer we give. The answer Peter gave came from our Father Himself [Matthew 16:17] as it does for us. Nobody can say Lord without the knowledge of the Holy Spirit [John 14:17] and it is time once more for us all to say: You are the Messiah. But not just the Messiah but as they say in Hebrew, King Messiah, He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. [Revelation 19:16] He is the anointed one who existed before time began and will exist long after time ends for this earth and into the new heaven and the new earth. [Revelation 21:1]

“Who do you say I am?” This question has rung loud and clear down through the ages. And it is a question we all need to answer sooner rather than too late. At this time as Passover approaches we should be looking at the Lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world. This is the One who walked the earth and led the way, a new and living way. [Hebrews 10:20] This is the One who was born in the House of Bread, Bethlehem, [Matthew 2:1] where the Temple lambs for sacrifice were raised. It is where the Shepherds of the flock were told the Saviour of the World was born. [Luke 2:11]

In time all will pass away and all things will be made new. [Revelation 21:5] I was asked recently, why does there have to be a new earth, after all the Scriptures tell us this heaven and this earth will pass away. I believe the answer to this question is in 2 Chronicles 28:3. King David could not build the Temple as there was too much blood on his hands therefore too unclean to build a place for the Holy One to dwell. All the lands of the world are soaked with the blood of sinners as all have sinned and therefore the lands are unclean. There is only one without sin who is able to clean all things and that is Yeshua. So therefore this earth must go so that a spotless one covered only by the Blood of the Lamb of God can take its place to be in the presence of the Most Holy One.

Who do you say that I Am? He is the only sinless One, who sits at the right hand of the Father, [Hebrews 12:2] perfect in every way. At this time we need to be looking squarely into His face, the One who is our unleavened bread of life, “This is my body given for you”, [1 Corinthians 11:24] He is our first fruits, [1 Corinthians 15:20] He is our guide for our behaviour and our example of our presentation before the Father. He is the Lamb of God that they took and sacrificed on the cross but the cross was not the beginning, it was the exclamation mark within the salvation path and it is definitely not the end. We need to look at what led to the cross and in a word that was sin. At the time of Noah we know God nearly destroyed all of mankind but also promised never to do that again. [Genesis 9:11-15] So there was only one course the Lord could take, whereas He nearly destroyed all the people but now He set out to save all the people. And He did this with the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. [1 Peter 1:17-21]

 So if we are asked; who is this Yeshua we serve then we can say;

He is our Unleavened Bread                       [1Corinthians 5:8]

He is our First fruits.                                  [1 Corinthians 15:20]

He is the Rock of my Salvation.                  [1 Corinthians 10:4]

He is the Prince of peace.                         [Isaiah 9:6]

He is the maker of heaven and earth.          [Colossians 1:17]

He is our healer and life giver.                     [1 Timothy 6:3]

He is the Great I Am.                                [John 8:58]

He is friend and advocate to the Father.      [1 John 2:1]

He is the new and living way.                     [Hebrews 10:20]

He is the Light of the world.                        [John 8:12]

He is the narrow path.                               [Matthew 7:13]

He is the way, the truth and the life.            [John 14:6]

He is the living water.                                [John 4:12-13]

He is the Alpha and the Omega.                 [Revelation 1:8]

He is the Great Shepherd.                         [Hebrews 13:20]

He is the Almighty God.                            [Isaiah 9:6]

 I am sure you can add many more titles for our Lord, but in the mean time we must look up, for our salvation is near. We must keep The Saviour of the world firmly fixed in our minds eye at all times and in all places for He alone is the One who saves. [Acts 4:12]