Dear Children of mine

THe Hebrew is Pesach or Passover in English.

When I sat at the computer this week to write, I asked the Lord what to write about Passover and this is what I believe the Lord gave me. 


On the fourteenth day of the first month you shall take one male lamb as a sacrifice according to my feasts.  You will do this to remember the day that you took the lamb into your homes while you were under bondage in Egypt.  The time when my love reached out to you in a grace you had never experienced before.  For four hundred years you had suffered and died under the whips of your masters, praying that one day I would hear your cries.  Well that day came and you placed the blood of a Lamb on the doorposts of your homes. You did this in faith that you would be saved and saved you were.  I heard your cry but it was in my time I had to act, any earlier and you may not have been so eager to leave and my plan for all humanity could have ended there. You marched off into the desert and I lead you towards a sea that you could not cross.  But I did not have you place the blood of the lamb on your doorposts to cause your death I had you place it there to give you life. I parted the waters so you could see my power, the power that created the universe and that created you. You walked through to the other side of the sea to safety, and you watched how the waters closed behind you and destroyed those who would not listen to me or take notice of my power.

 From there I took you to the mountain and taught you how to live, when I gave Moses the Commandments. You longed for food and I fed you, you longed for water and it flowed from a rock. You wanted meat and I gave you enough that you soon tired of it. I showed you time and again how much I love you but many did not listen and wanted to return to the old ways. I even showed you the land I promised you through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but again you wanted nothing to do with me and you built yourself an idol. Something that had legs but could not walk and had ears and could not hear you and eyes of stone. Your rebellion was so bad if it had not been for the pleas of Moses you would have been destroyed. So I allowed the youngsters among you to enter the land. Not all those who were released by the blood of the sacrificial lamb entered the Promised Land.

 Once in the land many of these people over time went their own way. They wanted a king’ I gave them a king. So you focused on this earthly king and soon forgot about me as I had warned would happen through my prophet Samuel. Isaiah spoke of me and warned you all what was to come if you continued to walk a separate path than the one I laid out. Jeremiah warned the people and even wrote by my direction a scroll to the king. It was not so much the scroll that was destroyed it was my warning to the people that was destroyed.

 I had no choice to remove the Kingdom of Solomon and give it to his sons, but they did no better and turned the people from me. Jeroboam decided to create his own feast days, something I hated, but he did it by ensuring that the focus of the people, were not on me but himself. He did it so the people would, in his mind, move their focus away from Jerusalem, ensuring for many years Jerusalem would not be the place of worship I laid down.  

 Hosea was directed by me to marry Gomer the women who was to paint a picture for the people of my love for you. I had Isaiah write Chapter 53 but still the people took no notice. So I had no other choice but to act in a way that the people could once more experience my love and grace. I had to take on human form and go down among you. Surely this time you would take notice. I had created this earth and placed you - my chosen people - within the Promised Land, so now it was time to act before you were all lost forever.

 I spoke with satan and showed him he had no power of what I was about to do. I spoke with the people and when they asked, “Who are you?” I told them. Some listened but most did not. I healed, I forgave sins, I made lives new and put joy back in the faces of the people. However many of your leaders turned against me, as they were jealous of what I was doing and that the people were listening to my words. For once in their lives they heard the scriptures in a way they understood. They heard and saw what it meant to love your neighbour and to respect parents. They saw the pleasure they could get from a time of rest on the Shabbat.

 I knew this was not going to last and I knew how it was going to end. I told of the parable of the landowner who sent his son to get what belonged to him and what they did with his son. But even my disciples did not understand. I told everyone who wanted to hear what would happen on the third day, but still they would not listen. Once more the people had turned so far from My Word they had returned to Egypt in spirit and were so comfortable they did not want to leave their sin behind.

 I know what followed is confusing to some but it did happen and the how? Well one day you will understand. But in an earthly form I allowed myself to be arrested and dragged before the Sanhedrin and put on trial for teaching the truth about the scriptures, something that has happened to many people since that day. They hit my face, they abused me and then whipped me until blood was flowing from just about every part of my body. Then they brought out Barabbas and I looked at him in such pity. A man with so much talent and yet he had used that talent for evil. He was a picture of all mankind, born of women and born with sin in his heart, a sin that he did not control but fostered until it brought him to this place where he was to die for the course he taken throughout his life.

 Here was a man that my mercy and grace would be bestowed upon for the entire world to see. I heard the people cry for his release and this brought a smile to my face, as I take no pleasure in the loss of the wicked. I knew and hoped that this day he would go free and turn his life around so that what I would do in his place would not be a waste of time and effort. By the time they had me lying on the ground ready to nail me to the cross I was exhausted. I had lost so much blood and the pain from the beatings and the pain of having those thorns shoved on to my head had taken its toll.

 Yes, I felt each nail as they drove them through my arms and legs; the pain was only bearable because of why I was going through being nailed to the boards. I was doing this for each and everyone of you. I know that many today have turned to foreign gods that cannot bring them to me, but that is their choice. Each and everyone one of you have sinned in my sight. Just as in the time of Moses and the calf that was made and worshipped and in the time of Noah and at Sodom, all had sinned and fallen short of my expectations. For no other reason than my love for you did I allow myself to be put through so much torture and pain.

 On that day when all was finished I gave up my Spirit and breathed my last breath as one of you. Joseph took my body and buried it in his tomb. To all that looked on that was the end of it. I had died in your place for your sins and for your future. Now you, those of you who have accepted that I am who I said I Am, can be assured there is life after death. Death has no hold on those who are called by my name because of what I went through for you on that day long ago at Calvary. Where I became the sacrificial lamb for all mankind taking away all condemnation that you would have come under in the age to come.

 So my children as you celebrate Passover once more, reflect on the past, your past, and know you have a hope and a future in me because once I was dead, dying in your place, but now I am very much alive as Thomas encountered when he touched my wounds. As you continue in life remember I hold all things together which includes your future because of those scars I bear on your behalf and will bear forever more. Until we meet face to face know that my love and grace is with you, always.


Scriptures that cover the above message.

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