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Loved the accounts of God's miracle interventions. Loved his willingness to acknowledge his own shortcomings. Overall a very encouraging read. Encouraged me to hold onto the truth that God really does know the end from the beginning - have faith and don't doubt!


I loved the author's candor. The stories of his youth speak to the strength of the human soul and God's drawing grace. This is a powerful testimony of how God redeems us and creates sacrificial love in hearts that were once hard.


Dear Dennis,

Thanks for the your book Small Beginnings. I have just reached page nine and the it is already speaking to me through the situation I went through as a child.



Hi Dennis, Not sure if you'd remember me, I'm Bob Davies granddaughter. I have just finished reading your book and wanted to say I loved it, thank you! Since Pop (Bob) passed away, I have been feeling very lost spiritually as he was my guide in all things Christian- if I ever had questions (or even if I didn't!) he was always there to answer them for me, and it was him I went to church with. The last few months or so I've started reading my bible seriously again, have been reading bible studies, and your book also. As I was reading about your work at the House of Hope, I remembered that as a child, I kept an envelope addressed to Pop from the House of Hope. I can't remember exactly what was in it but I would take it out and look at it all the time and I'd feel close to God and dream of what it would be like to go to Israel. Now I realise that letter came from you! Your book has really encouraged me and given me the kick up the behind I needed to remember how wonderful it was to love Jesus as a child, and I feel that love blossoming again. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for helping me to get back on track.


Dear Dennis, recently just returned from holiday in Norfolk Island and have been reading your book. It is fantastic, so full of God,His goodness,  grace , favour and Faith. I haven't finished it yet, but can't put it down. I feel as though I know a little more of you and your life. You and a Penny are wonderful examples of how to walk and live  in the Holy Spirit. I pray you are both well and pray that this year would be one "where your steps will be bathed  with cream, and the rock (Jesus) will pour out rivers of oil for you both." (Job 29:6 NKJ). Love and blessings Kathy. 

Hiya Dennis and Penny,

I am just back from Brussels and the YWAM Europe Feast of Tabernacles conference where we even went into the EU Parliment with a jewish minister who broke bread with us and we spent time with him and the local Rabbi. We also were able to bring worship into the refugee camp.
But this weeks highlight has been reading your book, this is my primary purpose for writing, I can honestly tell you it was one of the best autobiographies I have ever read, simply very real and very Godly. Style wise it struck me of Paul Brickhills biography of Douglas Bader, very self-deprecating but also clearly God lead in grace. I am greatly encouraged and you have also given me some more encouragement to stand against the humanist and new age stuff I see creeping into teaching and attitudes within the church "harmony" principles and tolerance of everything and everything is ok in certain circumstances.....thank you.
Your friend in north Norway
Claire x



Dear Dennis it was wonderful to meet and speak with you on Sunday at church I just want to congratulate you on your outstanding book Small Beginnings. I loved it from start to finish it takes pride of place on my bookshelf, to see such a wonderful couple walking with Christ is so inspiring. I look forward to your next book many thanks and may the Lord bless you both in your new venture. 





"The thing that spoke to me most in this book is how Dennis & Penny trusted God 
completely in every situation.  Many times when resources were low or accommodation was unavailable they trusted God completely to resolve the situation, they did not go ahead of God's timing but waited for Him and He never let them down.  I also appreciated how they worked with both Arabs and Jews and learnt about both of the cultures and were sensitive to how the different folks lived and reacted, and challenged them in some areas.  I would thoroughly recommend this book."



 Small Beginnings:

 I was engaged spiritually and emotionally from the very first page of "Small Beginnings".  I found it difficult to put the book down and was disappointed when I approached the end of this most amazing book.  I wanted it to keep going!  As his words unfolded from the pages, it was as if I were pulling back the curtains of heaven and watching God himself nurture and bless Dennis and Penny for their faithfulness, obedience and love for Him.  The Life Lessons that he relates in the book are most assuredly accurate as he even provides the scripture reference for each and every one of them!  Countless dozens of people have been blessed through these most incredible 70 years, so beautifully chronicled in "Small Beginnings'. 


Texas - America



Your book has spoken to Malcolm and I both in different ways. I understand rejection as a child and Malcolm understood the bulling as a child. But! God we are here today! And reading your book was one of the most enlightning and exciting things we have done for awhile, as we knew the places you were talking about, Pretoria in SA, Veitnam, Israel and New Zealand of course. What a blessing this book is, may you be blest as it blesses others.

Pam and Malcolm


1/1/16 From Benin Africa

Thanks for all the life changing articles and wonderful book you wrote. We wish you a happy New Year and God’s blessings.

Michael and Stella


Dennis,  I enjoyed reading your book , loved the fact that you mentioned the Heavenly Father in nearly every page, and it is truly a big step to take in faith for that length of  time relying solely on the Heavenly Father to provide your every need.  Much love.  




'I have read Dennis’ book ‘Small Beginnings’.   It is an interesting book which will have wide appeal.  For me the appeal was a reflection of my own life in NZ in the 1950’s and 1960’s, as Dennis portrayed his life.  It will also have an appeal for our younger generation, when they look back to what NZ life was like in and around that era.  It is well worth reading from these perspectives.  Destiny has opened it’s doors for Dennis and Penny’s life together'.




Dear Dennis,  Shalom and greetings.    I read through your book and thoroughly enjoyed it - especially how you tied secular things in with spiritual all the way through.   Our Heavenly Father certainly blessed you in all things and I found your book a great encouragement.




The book, Small Beginnings has inspired me and encouraged me that if we grow up in less fortunate families God can still work in our lives if we let him guide us. We need to seek God in all circumstances because he cares and loves us and wants the best for us. This book tells how Dennis has let the Lord lead him into a fulfilling life.




From South Africa

Dear Dennis,

 I have read your book before our trip to Israel, and it built my faith to

read about the faithfulness of our God. Against all odds would also be an apt summary of the book. Your own values and faith shines like a light in your life story, which you always connect back to scripture and prayer.  We have known and grown to love you as a brother, and to read how the Lord took you on a journey through life, strengthened our love and respect for you.

Thank you for sharing with all your readers your faith in our Lord Jesus

Christ and the heights and depths He carried you through.  

With our best, best wishes.

Shalom. Shalom.




From America

Dear Dennis

It was good to hear from you. I see how the Lord is blessing your book, "Small Beginnings." I find it in many sites in the internet. Congratulations to you! It is and will bless all who read it. I didn't know much about your life - other than your long-time work with CFI. The book gave so much more. I kept thinking about God's choices for His work. How His calling and years-long training is in work in a person's life much earlier than it is even know.  It is, indeed, true that the

beginnings are always small. The person is the vessel. God is the planner, programmer and the director of His work. He needs us to accomplish major events in the history of the mankind.





Congratulations Dennis. Yes, it is a book worth of reading. My neighbours are reading it at the moment.




I've just finished your book, thank you very much it was most inspirational.




 Dear Dennis,

Shalom! I have just finished reading your book!  And I wanted to thank you sooooooo much for giving us the opportunity to read about your life!  It is such a blessing, so down to earth where the rubber meets the road.  Where people of all backgrounds and journeys can relate I.e. Not so super spiritual to be of no earthly good! I loved it and so did Vic! I have people on a waiting list to borrow and read! I will be giving to the first person tomorrow.




From Israel

"Small Beginnings" is a delightful recounting of Dennis and Penny McLeod's encounters which included period in Israel. They experienced the unique opportunity of serving as volunteers in both the Arab and Jewish communities in modern day Israel. Dennis shares his personal impressions in a conversational style that keeps ones attention and interest throughout the book.