Who was chosen in the Upper Room?

The Upper Room or Temple Courts

(I have been in this room shown and it could not hold 3000 plus people, please see article)

Scripture does not support the teaching we have all had at one time or another and that is where the people were on the day of Pentecost.

To understand where they were we have to understand the Jewish commands of that time. It’s clear the people were not in the upper room when the Holy Spirit came. Deuteronomy 16:16 states they were to go up to where the Lord would tell them to go, later we find out this is of course was Jerusalem and to the Temple. [Ezra 1:3-4] There were just one hundred and twenty people in the upper room, where Peter and the other Disciples plus some ladies and others making up the number mentioned were. [Acts 1:15] They may have been there when Peter spoke to them but they all knew they would have to be at the Temple for Passover, Shavuot and Tabernacles.

The account of the upper room ends at the end of Chapter 1 and at the end of 40 Days. [Acts 1:12] Chapter 2 begins at 50 days when Pentecost occured [Leviticus 23:15-16] and gives the account of the coming of the Holy Spirit and there is obviously a time lapse between the two events; Chapter two starts with the words: when the day of Pentecost came. [Acts 2:1] in other words there is a time difference between the two chapters. In Chapter 1 it talks of a room in chapter two it talks of a house, which would be the Temple as it is the Father's House [John 2:16 and Luke 2:49] and where they were meant to be. Three thousand people were added to their number that day once they saw and heard what was going on [Acts 2:49] and this number would not have been all that were present at that time. We have been to two upper rooms and neither would hold three thousand plus people because we know that there were many more than three thousand people present. It is recorded that up to two million people would go up to Jerusalem at these Biblical Feast times, as directed by the Lord. There may have been only three thousand, of all those who were present, who accepted the Lord at that time but as the days passed many more were added to their number [Acts 2:47] as they met daily in the Temple courts. [Acts 2:46] The three thousand was only a portion of the multitudes who had come for the Feast as directed by God.

So who was added to their number in the Upper Room? Well according to scripture just one person by the name of Matthias. Just one person was added to their number in the upper room. [Acts 1:26] But there were three thousand plus came to the Lord when the day of Pentecost came and that number has continued to added to up to this day.